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At Structis, our team of experienced professionals use premium-grade materials for gypsum underlayment and concrete floors. We also excel in the installation of insulation and fireproofing solutions for multifamily or commercial buildings.

Over 40 Years of Engineered Floors

Since 1982, Structis has been using advanced materials and innovative techniques to finish every project with precision and quality. Our expert underlayment, fireproofing, and insulation services cover Massachusetts and surrounding areas in the northeast.



At Structis, we excel at pouring Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® and cementitious concrete underlayment, installing Maxxon Acousti-Mat® sound control mats, completing floor prep work, and more.

intumescent Fireproofing


Whether you need fireproofing in your floors, ceilings, or walls, Structis has the innovative tools to strengthen your structure and help it withstand any fire emergency.



Our Structis team expertly installs insulation in the walls and ceilings of projects to ensure temperatures stay steady, comfort is high, and costs remain low.

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Structis uses advanced materials and a knowledgeable team to ensure that every project is finished on time. Click below to get a free quote and see how our certified professionals bring your project to life.

Specification Assistance

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Consult our team at Structis to determine the correct specifications for your project’s sound control and fire ratings by clicking below.

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From flooring to fireproofing, we have you covered
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